God works for the Greater Good

“We know that all things work for good for those who love God”       (Romans 8:28)

I don’t remember how I came across this verse;  Most likely I saw it on a plaque or a picture hanging in the local christian store.  What I do remember is that it really spoke to me.  Is there a greater challenge of our faith?  Maybe, but I think we can all agree that to accept this verse with one’s whole heart requires total “surrender” to God our Father.   It means no matter what challenge or tragedy we are experiencing, we must trust that God will use it for the greater good.  When I think of this verse I envision:

Abraham going up the mountain to sacrifice his only son, Isaac (Genesis 22:1-12)

Jesus surrendering to God in the garden of Gethsemane  (Matthew 26:39)

Those two visions alone are powerful, but do you know what I like most about Romans 8:28 ?   I like the “Awesome Peace” that comes from believing and accepting it !

The more I accept this as one of God’s truths, the stronger and more at peace I become !   Why you ask?  Because no matter how bad it is right now, I know God will make everything work for good !

Later this week I’ll share a revelation I had about a month ago regarding Romans 8:28

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Stay close to the “Vine” and Bear Fruit

On this 5th Sunday of Easter the Gospel of John 15:1-8 is full of imagery.   As I pondered the scripture this evening, I was reminded of a grape-vine growing in my neighbor’s yard which had attached itself to the field fence separating our property.  This past winter I had decided it was time to remove the branches from the fence.  At that time the vine and branches had grown to cover about 30 feet of the fence and was beginning to put a strain on the fence.   I enlisted my family (Wife and two children) and we began attempting to remove the branches.  It wasn’t long before I noticed there were some branches that had ventured in their own direction on the fence.  I liked these branches because with a simple tug they were easily removed.  However, other branches had grown closely together such that they were interwoven with one another on the fence.  These branches had some interesting qualities which made them very strong.  First, they had remained closer to the vine and therefore, were much larger and harder to cut loose.  Second, they were interlaced with other branches on the fence which made them even harder to remove.  While it had been a breeze to remove the branches that had ventured off on their own, the branches which had remained close to the vine and one another, were a significant challenge to remove.

As I thought about today’s scripture it occurred to me that the dark spirit would want nothing more than for us to be that lone branch which was so easy to pluck from the fence.  Who the heck wants that. Why not make it hard on him by staying close to Jesus (the vine) and becoming so intertwined with the church community that it is impossible for the dark spirit to pull us away.

This week’s challenge:  Read the scripture each morning and find a way to bear God’s fruit this week.

Feedback: What ways did you come up with to bear God’s fruit in this world?

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